SCI's 3rd Annual Middle Market CLO Seminar

15 November 2022, New York

Clifford Chance US LLP
31 West 52nd Street
New York
United States of America

15 November 2022

25+ Speakers

Leading figures in the MM CLO Sector

200 Seats

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15 November 2022, New York


After a banner 2021, middle-market CLOs were to move on apace in 2022, but macro concerns and inflationary fears have stalled the market’s growth spurt. Nevertheless, deals are still being done and activity remains healthy despite the challenging environment. Can the sector build on that resilience and develop even more strongly in 2023? This conference looks at the sector’s continuing evolution and its future potential.

SCI’s Middle Market CLO seminar provides an opportunity for the market to meet and discuss performance patterns and expectations, new structuring trends, relative value opportunities and what the post-new normal future is for the sector. Powerful networking opportunities abound. Get updated on deals, regulations, emerging issuers and significant investors. We hope you will join us this November for another must-attend event.

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  • 15 November 2022
    2021 was a record year for middle market CLO issuance. 2022 has seen a step back so far, thanks mainly to economic circumstances. What does the remainder of the year hold and what is the potential for 2023?
    With more MM CLO paper available than ever before, is secondary MM CLO trading becoming its own discipline and where can value be found?
    MM CLO credit metrics improved strongly in 2021. What has happened this year and how do they now compare to BSL CLOs? An examination of MM CLO management from a credit perspective.
    How have the macro-driven challenges facing the underlying middle market loan and private debt markets this year fed through to and impacted MM CLOs?
    The awards categories are:
    1. Deal of the Year
    2. Innovation of the Year
    3. Issuer of the Year
    4. Manager of the year
    5. Investor of the Year
    6. Arranger of the Year
    7. Law Firm of the Year
    8. Service Provider of the Year